Residents have many ways to follow legislative action

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General Assembly Web site, phone lines available

By The Staff

Members of the public are welcome to attend legislative committee meetings and floor sessions while lawmakers are at the State Capitol for the General Assembly’s 2010 session. But there are ways for citizens to stay in touch with the legislative process even if they can’t make the trip to Frankfort.

The Kentucky Legislature Web Page is updated daily to provide the latest legislative information. Web surfers also can see for themselves the issues before lawmakers by browsing through bill summaries, amendments, and resolutions. The Web site is regularly updated to indicate each bill’s status in the legislative process, as well as the next day’s committee-meeting schedule and agendas.

In addition to general information about the legislative process, the Web site also provides information on each of Kentucky’s senators and representatives, including their phone numbers, addresses, and legislative committee assignments.

The Kentucky General Assembly also maintains toll-free phone lines to help citizens across the state follow legislative action and offer their input.

People who want to give lawmakers feedback on issues under consideration can do so by calling the Legislative Message Line at (800) 372-7181. People who prefer to offer their feedback in Spanish can call the General Assembly’s Spanish Line at (866) 840-6574. Anyone with a hearing impairment can use the TTY Message Line at (800) 896-0305.

A taped message containing information on the daily schedule for legislative committee meetings is available by calling the Legislative Calendar Line at (800) 633-9650.

Information on the status of each bill lawmakers are considering will be available on the Bill Status Line, (866) 840-2835.

Kentuckians can write to any legislator by sending a letter with a lawmaker’s name on it to: Legislative Offices, 701 Capitol Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601.