Remember and give thanks for freedom

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Positive Outlook

By George Smith

Memorial Day is an attempt to remember and say “Thanks” to those who gave their best so that we could continue to enjoy our freedoms.
Our present commemoration of this day came out of the Civil War when in 1865 some ladies in Vicksburg, Miss., chose May 30 as a day to place flowers on the graves of their war dead. This soon spread North and South and came to be known as “Decoration Day.” Finally, it was called “Memorial Day” to honor the fallen of all our nation’s wars who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.
The key to Memorial Day is remembering. Hebrew 11 is a roll call of the heroes of our faith. What made them great was not what they did for themselves, but what they allowed God to do for others through them. This is how we make a difference in this world and make a lasting impact.
We have memory aids all around us — people and events, dams, bridges, buildings, museums, etc. Sometimes these are not enough. It is tragic to forget our heritage, but even more tragic when we forget what we owe to God. Each Sunday is really a memorial day to remind us of God’s love and kindness to us and of Christ’s sacrifice for us.
As we remember let us “give thanks” and resolve to walk in God’s ways. The memory of God’s grace and love should spur us to a firm determination to do his will.