Recycling Center holds open house, demonstrates glass pulverizer

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By Linda Ireland

Renaissance Recycling, LaRue County’s recycling center located on Water Street, will have an open house 10 a.m. Aug. 23 to demonstrate its new glass pulverizer.
Solid Waste Coordinator Jill Gray said the unit was delivered in November and is similar to the one she borrowed from the state a couple of years ago.
The Andela Pulverizer, manufactured in New York, was purchased through a state grant. It will pulverize about one ton of glass per hour, depending on how quickly it is hand-fed, Gray said. If weather permits, she will demonstrate the process, packaging of recycled glass for sale and several examples of uses of the glass.
Gray said the public can drop off glass bottles and jars at the recycling center and workers will process them. The center will accept also china, ceramic, and other clay and glass-like materials.
“What emerges are small pieces of pulverized glass, which have rounded edges that won’t cut, as well as lots of sand,” Gray said.
Sand can be used for sand blast media, beaches and sandboxes, as well as for filtration media, Gray said.
The small “gemstones” have smooth edges and can be used for aquariums, countertops, mulch, decorative walkways and stepping stones, road bed materials, ceramic tiles and crafting.
Available colors are multi-green, brown and clear with limited amounts of blue and white.
“When using pulverized glass as mulch it is less expensive and it doesn’t have to be refreshed every year like wood chips … and when it gets rained on, it just looks prettier and sparkles.” Gray said. “An additional benefit of the glass is that it keeps slugs and bugs out of the garden because they don’t like to climb on it.”
The recycling center received also a rotating clamp with the grant. Gray will demonstrate how the clamp helps them “operate more efficiently.”
According to Americanrecycler.com, discarded glass can account for as much as 30 percent of municipal waste and only a fraction is recycled. Crushing or pulverizing glass is a good way to keep bottles out of landfills.