Reading is an important building block for kids

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Basic skill for success is essential

By The Staff

One of the most basic skills your child needs to learn in order to be successful in school and in life is reading.  Every parent wants that for his or her child, so the following points are some ways that you can help your child build a reading foundation, as well as develop vocabulary skills that will supplement the reading.

Label things in the home such as the table, refrigerator, doors, etc. Collect the labels and have your child put them back on the correct objects.

While in the car, walking, or riding the bus, have the child look for and read familiar signs.

Talk to children about what they like to do – their favorite games, pastimes and books.

Listen to your child’s stories, accounts of events and ideas.

Make plans for the day with your child.  As children get older, plans can be written in a short schedule.  The schedule can be used to search for familiar words and to learn new words.

Encourage your child to ask questions. Show how some questions can be answered by looking for information in books.

Talk about new words the child hears and connect them to words the child already knows.

Look for letters of the alphabet in signs on a trip.

Play the game, I see something where one person describes an object in view and the other(s) must guess what it is.

Help children make connections among words or concepts such as “winter-cold, snow-holidays” or “dinner-food, family-evening.”

In addition to any of these ideas, anything that you can do at home that would support what your child is specifically learning in his or her reading class will strengthen, not only the learning, but the home-school connection, as well. Your child’s teachers will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Article provided by the National Education Association and the LaRue County Education Association.