Read the signs, but know your candidate

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Bio information available online

By Linda Ireland

It seems that no matter how hard candidates campaign, how many signs they put up, how many ads they buy or how much coverage they receive on the Internet or newspapers, some voters simply do not pay attention.

It happens on the local level as well as state and national.

For instance, last week I heard someone talking about long-time jailer Ralph “Mac” Trumbo running for re-election.

They looked at me strangely when I said, “No, Mac is retiring. It is his son who is running in this election.”

“But we saw his sign,” they said.

Indeed they saw a sign – but they attributed it to the wrong Trumbo.

Incumbent Mac Trumbo’s son, Daniel, along with two other Democrats – Jimmy Williams and Johnny Cottrill – is running for the position.

The winner of the May 18 primary will face the winner of the Republican primary in the fall. Republicans are Lester D. Crosswhite Jr., William Bryan Durham or Gloria Jean Bell.

Mac has made no secret of his retirement. Ask him. He’ll be happy to discuss it with you and maybe throw in a few jokes and tall tales.

Plus, we’ve published numerous stories and photos about the jailer’s race and added a handy-dandy link on our website www.laruecountyherald.com.

The candidates are doing their best to promote their causes. It’s got to be frustrating to all of them to learn that some voters are ignoring the information.

This race deserves a lot of thought from voters. All six of the candidates bring their own merits to the race. One has obtained a degree in criminal justice; two have previous experience working in a jail; one has extensive law enforcement experience; one has served as magistrate; and one brings a lifetime of hard work in agriculture and a private company to the table.

The information about each candidate will be available on our website through May 18.

Click on the blue button with white stars “2010 Political Races.” Then search the list for candidates for the May 18 primary.

The Herald News sent biography requests to candidates several weeks ago. Candidates without information or photos did not submit the information to the paper.