R & K is A-OK

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By Will Phillips

One of the new stops along the AGstravaganza tour this year is R & K Angus, owned by Russell and Kelly Flanders. The farm serves as the beef stop for the tour and will allow visitors to see the workings of a farm that raises Angus bulls for market.

Flanders has been involved with Angus cattle since 1979, getting started through 4-H. Now, he raises more than 250 purebred Angus cows. Recently, he built a new show barn, which is where the bulk of the tour will be focused. Visitors will be able to see and pet an Angus cow, feed it hay and learn about how it is raised. In addition, there will be informational sessions about the process of artificial insemination of cows and how they are impregnated.

The main focus of the tour is education, and Flanders sees the importance of that.

“I think it gets the folks who have non-agricultural backgrounds the opportunity to see where their food comes from,” he said. “Last year, little kids who have never been around a cow get to touch one. It creates that relationship between folks that [don’t have] a farm background and [those that have] a farm background.”

As Dale Dobson, head of farm safety for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture said, it also gives people an opportunity to get to know their neighbors.

“Kelly’s got neighbors here. [They may be wondering] what’s this new barn? Is it a car shop, a mechanic shop, what is it? [AGstravaganza] gives his neighbors a chance to come here, invited at any time they want from 10 to 4 that day, to see a cow, touch a cow, see what he’s doing here.”

AGstravaganza is Aug. 9. For more information, call 270-325-3172.