Publication to reflect history of Lincoln Square

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By Linda Ireland

There’s a lot of history on Lincoln Square.

From the remarkable old buildings to the statues (not one, but two) to Lincoln Days events to just parking and hanging out with friends.

Last year, our square was changed to a roundabout –  also known as our squircle – to make the area safer for both drivers and pedestrians. While it is beautiful – and it has enhanced safety – we do realize that a part of our history is over.

That’s why we’ve chosen “Looking Back at Lincoln Square” as the theme for this year’s Looking Back special section.

We invite readers to submit stories and photographs reflecting their memories of Lincoln Square. We’ll run as many as possible.

We’d love to hear you reminisce about those great burgers at Laha’s or the pool hall, rolling pumpkins down the hill, meeting friends on Friday nights after the football game, or sitting in Abe’s lap for a photo during Lincoln Days.

Deadline for submissions is Oct. 29.

Items can be mailed or dropped off at our office at 40 Shawnee Dr., Hodgenville, KY 42748, faxed to 270-358-4852 or e-mailed to heraldnews@kvnet.org. Photographs may be picked up after the section publishes Nov. 19.

For more information, call editor Linda Ireland at 358-3118.