Preserving Americana

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

We would like to thank the community for the great response to the Lincoln Bicentennial Basket class.

Martha Wetherbee, who has devoted the past 31 years to preserving the art of American basketry, designed the basket and taught the class. Fifty of the baskets were made which were a combination of the Shaker and Nantucket style basket. The baskets were made of white ash with a piece of boundary oak surrounding the new cabin penny.

Many thanks to the following who donated to the success of the class: Theresa Howard, the Extension Office, Lee’s Fried Chicken, The Sweet Shoppe, Sandy Brue, National Park Service, James Phelps, and judge/executive Tommy Turner, a member of the Bicentennial Commission, who visited the class and gave information on the selection of the designs for each of the new pennies.

Faye Puryear

and Diana Bault