Praise Turner's work

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

As Executive Director of the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to your LaRue County Judge/Executive, Tommy Turner, for the excellent work he has done on behalf of Kentucky counties.

Our association represents every county in Kentucky. For the last dozen years Tommy’s peers have asked him to chair our association’s most important effort, its Legislative Committee. Tommy’s ability to articulate issues that affect the lives of LaRue Countians and Kentuckians is one that is recognized not only by his peers but by legislators and others alike. There is a reason Tommy is the person most requested to testify before legislative committees on matters dealing with local government issues. 

Tommy is known by all, Democrat, Republican and Independent alike, to be fair, just, a tireless worker and totally honest in his dealings with others.  His knowledge, understanding and attention to detail enable him to be set apart from other local officials. When anyone with knowledge of local officials across Kentucky is asked to name the state’s brightest and best, Tommy is included in the group.

Having served as Deputy Secretary of the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet, I personally know of several positions in state government and business Tommy has been offered which pay more, have much better hours and much less responsibility.  Yet, Tommy has always declined their offer. When I have inquired why, Tommy’s response has always been “I enjoy what I do working with the people and community I love.” You are fortunate to have someone so dedicated to you and the community in which you live. Tommy has never forgotten where he is from or who he represents. LaRue County and its citizens have always come first.

Tommy has a very humble style, unlike most politicians, never seeking the limelight or publicity. He would rather see others have the credit for positive results. Yet, out of this style he has gained a respect unmatched by few with his peers, legislators, and other government officials holding him in the highest esteem.

Now that the 2010 legislative session has ended, it is time for our Judge/Executive Association to recognize those that have put forth effort to make this state better. To LaRue County Judge/Executive Tommy Turner, we say thanks for a job well done.

Vince Lang, Executive Director

Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association