Planning and zoning revises ordinances

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Definition of public land included

By Linda Ireland

The Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning Commission held public hearings to discuss the designation of “public” lands and to revise its ordinance on minimum lot sizes.

Two members of the public attended the hearings Thursday.

The commission developed language to define public zoning four years ago, according to administrator Bud Ireland, but the ordinance was not sent to the county for approval. Basically, the zoning is defined as property for public use that accommodates the needs of the community. Examples include government buildings, public parks, public cemeteries, parking lots, schools and libraries. Any privately owned land or building that provides those services would fall into the commercial-use category.

The commission also changed minimum lot sizes to follow state guidelines. New property divisions without public sewer will be required to be a minimum of 30,000-square feet, rather than the current 25,000-square feet. Existing lots that fall below the minimum will be grandfathered in.

The ordinance revisions go to LaRue Fiscal Court for approval.

In other business, commission member Kay Copelin made a motion that the three members who attended the May 14 meeting be paid for it. The meeting was canceled due to lack of quorum and was rescheduled for May 28.

The vote to pay the three members $50 each was unanimous.

The commission’s secretary, Rhonda Carson, said she also attended the meeting; however, the commission did not vote to pay her.