Planning and Zoning Permits - February 2013

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 Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning Permits and Rezonings

Information compiled from Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning records

Gary Sparks, Thomas Lane, Hodgenville, conditional  use permit

David Copley, Campbellsville Road, Hodgenville, conditional use permit

Mike Trew, Tanner Road, Hodgenville, deck, post

Randall Mather, Tanner Road, Hodgenville, residence, relocated

Justin Lafollette, N. Greensburg Street, Hodgenville, conditional use permit

Larry Crow, Campbellsville Road, Hodgenville, porch, post

Ron Scott, 481 Spencer School Road, Hodgenville, addition, frame

John Wooldridge Jr., Lyons Station Road, New Haven, land division, plat

Jimmy Wood, Wood Lane, Hodgenville, duplex, frame

John Voltz, Old Sonora Road, Hodgenville, storage, post

David Hathaway, N. L&N Turnpike, Hodgenville, rezoning, R-1A to R-1B

Michael Stinnett, New Jackson Hwy., Hodgenville, residence, frame

Patsy Cobb, Hill Street, Hodgenville, rezoning, R-1A to R-1B

Robbie Ward, Logsdon Lane, Sonora, residence, singlewide

Stephen Riggs, Plouvier Road, Hodgenville, garage, post

Thomas Walters, Levelwood Road, Campbellsville, land division,   plat

Joseph Marcum, Levelwood Road, Campbellsville, land division, plat

Sharon Pearman, Leafdale Road, Hodgenville, addition, frame

Michael Thomas, S. L&N Turnpike, Hodgenville, land division, plat

James Banks, Murrieltown Road, Sonora, land division, plat

Ronald Sanders, Shepherdsville Road, Hodgenville, addition, frame

Daniel Snodgrass, Gardner Road, Buffalo, residence, frame

Eddie Skaggs, Corinth Road, Buffalo, land division, plat

Terry Thomas, S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, land division, plat