Plan early for education and training after high school

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By Theresa Howard

Many students might wonder, “How can I afford to continue my education beyond high school?” 

Families, struggle to pay the bills, making higher education for their children seem difficult to attain. However, various forms of continued education and training are still available. They can be anything from a four-year program at an in-state university to a less expensive community or technical college close to home. And various forms of financial aid are available, both from the educational institution itself and from outside sources. Help is available for students who seek it.

First check out how much you have earned during your four years in high school at the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Web site, https://www.kheaa.com/website/kheaa/kees?main=1, by clicking on the sign-in button. The ACT and SAT examinations, high school grades and advanced placement courses can qualify students for funds. A GPA of 2.5 and higher can earn you a scholarship of between $125-500 per year in college for each year of high school. Consistently high grades during four years of high school add up to a substantial scholarship.

Many Kentucky students do not apply for financial aid because they think their parents make too much money for them to qualify. Students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online to find out if they’re eligible for state and federal student aid programs. You should do this in late fall or during December vacation. If you wait until the last minute to apply for financial aid, the money could run out.

For more information on paying for education and training beyond high school, we have an Extension publication, FCS5-455, Paying for Continued Education, written by a UK Family Resource Management Specialist. Drop by the LaRue Co. Extension Office at 807 Old Elizabethtown Road, Hodgenville for a copy or contact us at 270-358-3401.