Pets removed from Hill Street home

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Neighbors complained about number of animals on property

By Linda Ireland

Hodgenville City Police removed 10 dogs and six cats from a Hill Street home Friday after neighbors complained to City Hall.

Chief John Cottrill said the owner was not complying with the county’s kennel ordinance, which limits the number of dogs that may be kept at one site. Since the owner cooperated with police and agreed to have the animals removed, she was not cited, Cottrill said.

“It was the second time we’d been up there,” Cottrill said. “Those dogs were barking so loud you could hear them across town.”

The mixed breed dogs were tethered to outdoor kennels. The cats were in one pen. All were taken to the Taylor County Animal Shelter where they may be adopted.

The owner is keeping the remaining four dogs “for sentimental reasons,” Cottrill said. She plans to take them to a friend’s farm in Sonora.