Pesticide container recycling conducted today

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All containers must be throughly rinsed

By David Harrison

The LaRue County Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Project will be conducted today at Southern States in Hodgenville.

Commonly called Rinse and Return, the program provides a free, environmentally friendly way to dispose of used plastic pesticide containers. Local farmers and other users are encouraged to rinse the containers as they are used and store them until the collection date Aug. 5. There is only one date this year. Other eligible plastic products can be recycled at the county’s recycling center.

Last year, in the 15th year of the program, there were only about 1,400 pounds of plastic containers recycled locally. This was about 2,000 jugsr The most commonly recycled containers are herbicide jugs. Others containers recycled include tobacco growth regulator, insecticide, and fungicide jugs. Golf courses, turf management businesses and homeowners also use plastic containers/jugs for pesticide products.

All recycled containers must be properly rinsed.

Plastic containers that are five gallons or smaller should be brought to Southern States Co-op, 310 W. Water St. in Hodgenville from noon to 2 p.m. today. Each container will be inspected to ensure it has been properly rinsed. Unrinsed, improperly rinsed or excessively dirty containers will not be accepted and must be taken off site by the person who brought them.

Collected containers will be stored until September when they will be chipped to be reused to make new pesticide containers and other plastic products.

The program is conducted at the state level by the UK Cooperative Extension Service, Kentucky Farm Bureau, AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky, Kentucky Division of Environmental Services, and county and state government. Local cooperators include the LaRue County Extension Office, LaRue County Government, LaRue County Farm Bureau, and Southern States. None of the cooperating groups are responsible for accidents or assume any type of liability relating to the program.

For more information on the program, contact the LaRue County Extension Service office.