Pesticide container collection date is Aug. 7

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By David Harrison

The LaRue County Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Project will be conducted again this year. Commonly called Rinse and Return, the program provides a free, environmentally friendly way to dispose of used plastic pesticide containers.

Local farmers and other users were encouraged to rinse the containers as they were used and store them until the collection date on Wednesday, Aug. 7. Other eligible plastic products can be recycled at the county’s recycling center.

All recycled containers must be properly rinsed. Triple rinsing is suggested.

To triple rinse:
• Remove the lid or top from the container
• Empty the pesticide into the sprayer tank and let the container drain for 30 seconds
• Fill the container 10 to 20 percent full of water or rinse solution
• Secure the top onto the container
• Swirl the container to rinse all inside surfaces
• Remove the lid from the container and add the rinsed contents from the container to the sprayer tank and let drain for 30 seconds or more
• Repeat steps 3 through 6 two more times
• Dispose of lid (it’s a different kind of plastic), and remove sleeves and labels from container if possible
• Puncture plastic containers.

It is best to rinse containers immediately after they are emptied. Properly rinsed containers should be kept in a dry, secure place that should be relatively clean, until the collection date.

All properly rinsed, five gallon or smaller, plastic containers should be brought to Southern States Co-op, West Water Street, Hodgenville between 10 a.m. and noon on Wednesday, Aug. 7. Each container will be inspected. Unrinsed, improperly rinsed, or excessively dirty containers will not be accepted and must be taken off site by the person who brought them.

For more information on the program, contact the LaRue County Extension office at 358-3401.