Paul Roark

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Paul Roark dropped out of high school in 1950 to enlist in the U.S. Army after his brother Harold was drafted. He was in his second year of school.

The brothers went to Fort Knox in January for training. The weather was 15 degrees below zero.

After eight weeks of training they were shipped to Korea – where the temperature was minus 15 degrees. The brothers were sent to the front lines about five miles apart.

Harold was killed.

Paul’s younger brother David was drafted in 1968 and was sent to Vietnam a couple of years.

In 1973, Paul’s son, Clyde, joined the Army and made a 21-year career of it.

Paul’s grandson joined the Navy after high school and is now serving as a lieutenant in the Navy Reserves.

Paul’s son-in-law was in the Army for seven years and in Civil Service for 21 years. His youngest daughter’s husband was in the Army for four years.

His granddaughter, Christina Roark, and step-granddaughter, Breanna Gaddie Cox, are in the Air Force.