Park came to life with a whisper

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By Linda Ireland

 My husband Bud and I visited the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee last week. We ignored the government shutdown of the national park and decided to enjoy the Lumberjack Feud instead. It was quite good.

We always grumble about the lack of black bears in Cades Cove anyway. At least at the Feud, there were a couple of fellas dressed in bear suits.

The Smokies reopened mid-week, as did our own Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, thanks to .... well, thanks to somebody. 

There are so many people to blame for the Park shutdown, it’s a waste of space to point fingers. 

I don’t know what I expected for the reopening – fireworks perhaps – a doorprize – or a Dolly Parton parade. 

It seemed a bit anticlimactic to simply open the gates.

We, the people, paid for and continue to pay for those parks. And our own government chooses to lock the gates and put up barricades?

The whole thing has been infuriating.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else feels that way in the next election cycle.