Operation Roundup funds community agencies

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Nolin RECC members have voluntarily contributed thousands of dollars in a special account to help their community. These dollars began as small change through the Operation Round-Up program at Nolin. Since implementing ORU in June 2006, over $50,000 has been donated to projects/agencies in our communities. 

Local citizens make up a non-profit board of directors that govern ORU.  The board reviews applications for community projects and makes decisions on when, where, and how to utilize funds.  Last October the ORU board announced they were accepting applications for funds from the community.  An extensive review of all applications was completed by the board in December and a total of $12,957.89 was awarded to six Hardin and LaRue County organizations.

ORU funds recipients include Community Health Clinic of Hardin/LaRue Counties, Radcliff Leadership Class of 2010, Feeding America – Kentucky’s Heartland Food Bank, LaRue County Schools, Senior Companion Program and Advocacy & Support Center. 

Each of the receiving agencies is utilizing ORU funds to improve and develop worthwhile projects related to their organization. The Community Health Clinic of Hardin/LaRue Counties purchased a desktop computer for the clinic with their awarded ORU funds, while the Radcliff Leadership Class of 2010 is planning to pay for materials to build a walking trail at Dawley Park in Radcliff. 

Operation Round-Up is an exclusive program to Nolin RECC and its members; however, participants do not have to be a member of the cooperative to participate in donating funds to the account. Individuals interested in receiving more information about ORU are urged to call Cheryl Thomas, Nolin RECC, at 270-765-6153.