Not eligible for a license, 13-year-old enjoys racing

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by Keith Knight

Chance Sheldon is a 13-year-old 8th grader at LaRue County Middle School. He enjoys sports and video games and all the other things a 13 year-old boy would. Sheldon prefers Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Matt Kenseth, Xbox to Playstation and Battlefield 3 to Call of Duty. The difference between Sheldon and most 13 year-olds is he also enjoys drag racing, at 56 mph, in junior rail cars, against guys with actual drivers licenses.

Sheldon has participated in four races over two months and brought home three trophies. His junior rail car, bought by stepfather Vick Kahill, has two 2nd and one 1st place finish in just four races. Vick attributes Sheldon’s success to his great reaction time off the starting line. Sheldon’s mother, Vickie Kahill, says, “he loves racing and the faster he goes the more he likes it.”

Sheldon’s automobile passion began with go-karts and ATV’s but has now worked its way up to his stepdads auto body shop and junior dragsters.

At this point in his brief racing career Sheldon has only visited the US 60 Dragway in Hardinsburg, KY but has picked up a sponsorship from Snap-On racing. Next are plans to travel north visiting Ohio raceways and test his luck against their junior racer competition.

“I’ve always wanted to do this since I started riding go-karts,” Sheldon said and could see himself trying to make racing a career.

One day Sheldon may race Top Fuel dragsters and travel well of 56 mph. For now he’ll finish middle school and fight virtual wars over Xbox Live, while winning some racing trophies on the side.