No one understands like Jesus

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Christ was both divine and human

By George Smith

It is interesting to note in the gospels the blending of the humanity and divinity of Jesus. Jesus was in a boat with the disciples. Weary, he fell asleep. A storm caused the disciples to wake him asking, “Master, don’t you care that we perish?” Jesus rose and said, “Peace be still!” The waters obeyed his command. You can see his humanity in his tiredness and you see his divinity as the waves obey his command. The humanity and divinity of Jesus is apparent from the beginning of his ministry.

One example in which we see clearly the divinity and humanity of Jesus is his death on the cross between two thieves. Jesus is on the center cross and a thief on each side of him. One man is dying in sin (unrepentant thief); one man is dying from sin (repentant thief); and one man is dying for sin (Jesus Christ).  Roman tradition said if a group was crucified that the worst one was placed in the center. Jesus was in the middle. Thus they were saying Jesus was the worst.  The thieves were bearing their own sins while Jesus was bearing the sins of the world.

One thief asked Jesus to save himself and them. But Jesus loved you and me enough that he stayed on the cross and died that we might live. He completed the mission that his father had given him.

The other thief realized that Jesus had done nothing wrong. We are not sure when it dawned upon him that the man on the center cross was the son of God. Maybe it was the sign placed over Jesus or how Jesus responded to the hostile crowd, but somehow he came to the knowledge that this was the son of God. He asked Jesus to remember him when he came into His kingdom.

We see the willingness of Jesus to save anyone who will call upon him.

Because Jesus was human he understands what we go through daily upon this earth.  Because he was divine, he could one day suffer and die for our sins, and say, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” As the divine son of God he intercedes for us before the Father because he remembers what it was like to be human.