Newspaper thieves are stealing from company and the community

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By Candis Carpenter

We’ve all heard the phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures” — and nearly everyone sits in the “desperate” boat in this economy.
Families, businesses, corporations and non-profits are being hit hard in the midst of these tough economic times — newspapers included.
That’s why in July of last year, we were proud to begin carrying Smart Source coupons to save our readers every penny possible. People seemed to like the fact that they could save hundreds of dollars each week and we gained many subscribers who were anxious to get their hands on the money saving product.  
We had people buying single copies like a new hot commodity and over time our customers have shared several money saving tips that us at the Herald have enjoyed and put to use.  
However, our circulation department and management have noticed an alarming trend — newspaper theft. Our pilferage, as we call it, has increased.  
We’ve taken notice of the locations that seem to have the most theft and are working hard on improving our processes to prevent this. We try our best to restock the racks when they are empty, but are “working against the grain” at certain locations.
Stealing newspapers is a crime and it can be punishable by theft charges. Not only is it stealing from our company, it is stealing from honest people who want to read the happenings of our community but can’t purchase a paper before the rack is wiped out.
Most, if not all of our racks are set up to display our office telephone number in the event a box is empty. If you see a box in need of papers, don’t hesitate to call, we will gladly come and restock the location.
I hate that this is happening in our community and I’m sorry and thankful to those who have to find another paper location due to theft. I’m not saying that every empty box has fallen victim, but some definitely are.
The Herald is not the only newspaper facing the theft battle, as articles can be found all over the web on the negative effects of the coupon craze. However, I have hope that the people doing this in our community can end the cycle and take only what they have paid for.
If you want additional copies of the paper, coupons included, we encourage you to stop by our office at 40 Shawnee Drive, Hodgenville, or any dealer location throughout the county.