News of Record - September 25, 2013

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The following marriage licenses have been issued in LaRue County.

Ashley Dawn Whobrey, 24, of Clarkson, and Matthew William Vertrees, 25, of Upton

JoAnn Sue Bowlin, 41, and Jesse Lee Shartzer, 49, both of Hodgenville

Crystal Jo Chitwood, 26, and John Richard Jones, 32, both of Magnolia

Anita Gail Burba, 50, and Joseph Kent Oliphant, 51 both of Sonora

Sandra Jean Terry, 41, and Jonathan David Graham, 41, both of Hodgenville

Jessica Lynn Arroyo, 29, and Michael David Ward, 39, both of Hodgenville

Carolyn Sue Saltsman, 64, and Larry Wayne Fields, 63, both of Hodgenville

Melissa Ann Clark, 45, and John Evan Hall, 23, both of New Haven

Jessica Price Harris, 23, of Edmonton, and Nicholas Raphael Pickerell, 29, of Hodgenville

Heidi Josefina Robles, 29, and Ricardo Raoul Minguela, 61, both of Magnolia

Danielle Lee Lobb, 23, of Buffalo, and Eddie Ray Dockery, 32, of Morgantown

Angela Gail Morris, 48, of Buffalo, and Kenneth Wendell DeVore, 61, of Hodgenville

Brittany Paige Smith, 22, and Michael Thomas Meredith, 25, both of Upton

Sophie Camille Routt, 24, of Hodgenville, and Adam Cole Newton, 25, of Sonora

Amy Marie Brown, 34, and Anthony Dewayne Waldeck, 50, both of Hodgenville

Sherri Lynn Phillips, 32, and Robert Owen McMichael Jr., 38, both of Hodgenville

Melissa Hope Cohen, 33, and Anthony Wayne Wilkerson, 36, both of Hodgenville

Christina Rene Jones, 43, and Dominic Ian DeKalands, 48, both of Upton

Tonya Marie Albro, 17, and Brandon Lee Stinnett, 18, both of Buffalo

Yosairo Daena Cuevas-Robledo, 27, and Miguel Angel Trujillo-Benitez, 25, both of Hodgenville

Kelli Ann Williams, 37, and Vernon Troy Jolly, 40, both of Hodgenville

Whittney Michelle Edblom, 19, of Elizabethtown, and Case William James, 19, of Magnolia

Angela Nine Hall, 48, and Bruce Edward Long, 47, both of Hodgenville

Rachel Lee Pearman, 20, and Randall Todd Enlow, 21, both of Hodgenville

Samra Jayne Larrison, 48, and Ricky Lee Benningfield, 49, both of Hodgenville

Mary Hornback Clark, 53, and Alvin Ray Stinnett, 42, both of Hodgenville

Kelsey Renee Devore, 18, and Nicholas Gene Bennett, 21, both of Munfordville

Kayla Shae Roten, 22, of Magnolia, and James Dean Pullin Jr., 23, of Hodgenville

Shanda Lynette Jewell, 30, of Elizabethtown, and Douglas Harrison Huckleby, 32, of New Haven

Stacie Marie Day, 29, and Robbie Allen DeWitt, 39, both of Hodgenville
Marriage Dissolutions
The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in LaRue Circuit Court in Hodgenville:

George Ronzy Trumbo, 68, of Hodgenville, and Linda Carol Lee, 63, of Buffalo. Married 30 years.

Phillip W. Laswell, 50, of Upton, and Celeste R. Honsberger, 47, of Elizabethtown. Married 27 years.

Robert Barry James II, 46, of Bonnieville, and Tashawna Puckett James, 40, of Hodgenville. Married two years.

Property Transfers
The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

Huey Thompson Jr. and Amber Allen to Melinda Murrell, property on east side of Ky. 470, $80,000

Joseph R. Cox and Deborah Jo Cox to Joshua A. Cecil, property on Ky. 1832, $85,000

Jody A. Thompson, unknown occupant, County of LaRue, PNC Bank, National Association by Carl Howell Jr., master commissioner, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, commissioner’s deed, foreclosure action, property at 24 Park Avenue, Hodgenville, $41,434
Paul T. Massie to Lawrence E. Miller Jr. and Shirley Diane Miller, lot 3B of the amended record plat of Lyle and Barbara Buckles Farm Division Lot 3, $12,857.35

John G. Sizemore to John T. Sizemore and Tracy A. Henry, property on Skaggs Road, Buffalo, $258,000

John G. Sizemore to John T. Sizemore and Tracy A. Henry, property at 973 Skaggs Road, Buffalo, gift, love and affection, FCV $12,000

Annie Allen to Mark D. Allen, property at 331 College St., Hodgenville, gift, love and affection, FCV $28,000

Bonnie Williams and Kelly Vinson-Riggs, co-trustees of the Bible Believers Church to River of Life Church of Hodgenville, no monetary consideration, provide title to the church that replaced the Bible Believers Church, FMV $47,500

Christopher M. Taylor, Linda L. Taylor, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee for Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-BCI by Carl Howell Jr., master commissioner, to U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee for Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-BCI, foreclosure, property at 1534 N. L&N Turnpike Road, Hodgenville, $67,500

John H. Ewing III, LLC, Joe W. Ewing and Cecelia Ewing and James A. Ewing and Betty Ewing to Ann Lyle Enlow, property on Ky. 583, six miles west of New Haven, $342,000