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The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in LaRue District Court: ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Program. A service fee is added to all DUIs and court costs are added to all charges. Birth year is in parenthesis.

Terry S. Johnson (1992), operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, guilty; wanton endangerment, second degree, guilty; operator license suspended 30 days, enroll in early intervention program paid for by defendant, sentenced to 10 days, suspended and probated for two years on wanton endangerment charge; fined $493; charged Oct. 17, 2010, disposed Jan. 11.


Property Transfers

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

Anita Sue Ford to Timothy Lynn Ford, quitclaim deed pursuant to property settlement agreement, property near intersection of Greensburg Road and Ky. 1906, FMV $65,000

Deborah Perez Kelly to Rebecca Kelly and Rachel Kelly, four parcels of land on north side of Ky. 584, 3297 Mount Tabor Road, Buffalo, no monetary consideration, FMV $189,000

Henry L. Wheeler and Connie Shawler to Nathan Wheeler, lot 1 of the Henry Wheeler and Connie Shawler Subdivision, no monetary consideration, FMV $6,000

Virginia Branson and Eddie W. Banks and Linda Banks to D.J. Perkins and Earmon K. Perkins, property at 415 S. Lincoln Blvd., Hodgenville, $43,560

Michael Steven Mather, Gary T. Mather, beneficiaries of estate of Catherine L. Mather to Michael Steven Mather and Peggy Mather, deed of release, property located on Catlett Road, $30,000

Tim L. Aulbach and Teresa D. Aulbach to TDA Properties, lots 5, 6 and 7 of Beau Monde Farms Agriculture Division, $251,350

Judy K. Douglas and Gordon Douglas to Adam W. Ziegler and Vickie S. Love, lot one of Pike-Jones Subdivision, $26,700

John C. Stillwell and Carol Stillwell to Darvin Cundiff, parcel of land on north side of Dangerfield Road, $44,000

Marvin Earl Goldsmith to James Bryan Peace, lot one of the Marvin Goldsmith Subdivision located at 1416 Cruse Road, Hodgenville, $60,000

Jason Head and Jessica Head to Jeffrey Skaggs and Amy Skaggs, parcel of land between White City and Howardstown, $30,000

Affidavit of transfer of real property by will, John P. Wimsett estate to Elizabeth J. Wimsett, trustee of John P. Wimsett Trust Agreement, property near Rolling Fork River, FMV $948,000

McArthur DeSpain to Troy Reed and Debbie Reed, property on KY 210, $25,000

Danny Dean Nicholas to Janice Diane Haycraft, quitclaim deed, lot 7 of C Estates Subdivision, no monetary consideration, reformation of title, FMV $107,000

Janice Diane Haycraft to Lincoln Way LLC, quitclaim deed, lot 7 of C Estates Subdivision, no monetary consideration, reformation of title, FMV $107,000

Melvin Ford to Sheila Ann Ford, property on west side of U.S. 31E, no monetary consideration, FMV $65,000

Leigh Ann Ragland, Reginald Perry Ragland, Lisa R. Cannon and Michael E. Cannon to Wayne and Anna Dobson and Bobby Dobson and Shanna Dobson, parcel of land in Magnolia community, $25,850

Hilda M. Harned to Clarence Locke, lot 14 of Hutcherson Heights Subdivision, $100,000

Eugenia Underwood, executrix of estate of Geraldine V. Aubrey, Deborah Davis, spouse of Deborah Davis, Patricia Gibson, spouse of Patricia Gibson, Jerry Aubrey, spouse of Jerry Aubrey, Clifford Aubrey Jr., spouse of Clifford Aubrey Jr., estate of Geraldine V. Aubrey and Citimortgage Inc. by Carl Howell Jr., Master Commissioner, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, property at 4629 L & N Turnpike, Magnolia, $30,667

Joyce T. Greenleaf and Mark A. Greenleaf to Wayne Bush and Betty Bush, tract 1 of Marty and Teresa Lee agriculture division, $49,500

Wendy Hicks to Maureen Denham, house and lot on south side of Magnolia, $60,000

Marty Claycomb and Cathy Claycomb to McGehee Humphrey & Davis LLC, 10 acres on North Otter Creek Road, no monetary consideration, FMV $25,000

Lesa Marion Read to James Richard DeWitt, quitclaim deed, parcel of land in Ball Hollow community, FMV $120,000

Danny Gentry and Phyllis Gentry to John H. Gentry and Patti D. Gentry, lot 1 of Gentry Division being 2.6473 acres, gift from parents to son and daughter-in-law, no monetary consideration, FMV $10,000

Randall L. Sherrard and Julie F. Sherrard to John D. Bell and Lindsey Dickerson, property on west right-of-way of Hwy. 1517 containing 5.7289 acres, $132,000

Lincoln National Bank to Jeremy Spurlock and Jacqueline Spurlock, property on Oak Hill Road in two tracts, $116,402.98

David Perkins Trust Agreement to David Breeden, property at 888 Sand Ridge Road, Magnolia, containing 13.6371 acres, $24,546.78

Eric Underwood to Sherry M. Jeffries, property on Pleasant Ridge Road, gift, FCV $10,000

Geraldine M. Kolley FKA Geraldine Murphy Ashley and Roger Kolley to Brent Ewing Ashley, tract 4 of agricultural division, no monetary consideration, love and affection, FMV $25,000

John N. Routh and Alvine Routh to Shirley Helm, 5 acre tract on north side of Dan Dunn Road, $45,000

Carl Howell Jr., public administrator of estate of Michael Hayes Dorsey, to Magnolia Bank, quitclaim deed, property at 66 Tanner Road, Hodgenville, FCV$40,500

Dixie Stock Farms, Sonora, Inc. to Mackey Brothers Partnership, tract of land northeast of Sonora abutting Siberia Road, $1,011,615

Melissa G. Newman to Daniel L. Newman, quitclaim deed, tract 10 of Evans-Benningfield agricultural division, FMV $15,000

Kenneth Daniel Puckett and Evelyn Marie Puckett to Joseph Michael Rogers and Margaret Renee Rogers, tracts 4 and 5 of Charles J. and Robin Shelton agricultural division, $100,000

Shirley R. Crawford, executrix for the estate of Neva B. Jones, to Jessie R. Jones Jr., tract of land on headwaters of Bayne Creek containing 84 acres and tract of land containing 95 acres, FMV $500,000

Cheryl Mouser to John A Mouser, two tracts on north side of Main Cross Street, Hodgenville, $40,000

Charla Colwell and Gregory Colwell to Cecil Crain, tract of land on headwaters of Nolynn Creek, $75,000

Gary W. Graham to Pamela Kay Graham, property on east side of College Street, Buffalo, quitclaim deed, FMV $70,000

Randall Crain and Mary Ann Crain to J.B. Crain and Gladys L. Crain, agreement to lease with option to purchase, property at 1899 Greensburg Road, Hodgenville, $147,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington D.C. to Wilburn Creason Jr. and Johnathon Creason, property at 4181 North L&N Turnpike, Hodgenville, $40,000

Mary Elizabeth Stewart to Earl Franklin Stewart Jr., three tracts near Eagle Mills Road, FMV $35,000

Jeffrey B. Bolton, administrator of the William R. Bolton Estate, to Michael R. Nunn, property at 298 Magnolia St., Upton, $57,750