News of Record – Property transfers

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The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.


Kenneth M. Clark and Barbara S. Clark to Michael C. Reding and Melissa Reding, tracts 1-7 of Whelan/Spalding Farm, $550,000

Mark Price to Christopher Dohn and Megan Dohn, tract on Leafdale Road, $11,000

Eddie Sharpe to Richard D. Gomez, tract in Akins Subdivision, Hodgenville, $75,900

Clyde Veirs and Judith Veirs to Beverly Veirs and James Eric Williamson and Melissa Ann Williamson, tract containing 13.4258 acres of Clyde and Beverly Veirs Agricultural Division, $46,990.30

Diana C. Riley and Michael Riley to Stuart L. Sullivan, tract on Memorial Avenue, $15,000

Deborah Jo Wilkins AKA Deborah Jo Wood to Steven Douglas Wood, lots 10-11 of Foresta Court Subdivision, Hodgenville, quitclaim deed, FMV $72,500

Cory Engle and Lindsay Engle to J.C. Brown Family Farms, property south of Tedder Lane near Union Church Road, $33,830

David P. Brown and Michelle L. Brown, deed of correction, corrected legal description, no monetary consideration

Michael Sutherland and Linda Sutherland to Timothy D. Sutherland, property at 280 Ferrill Hill Road, Buffalo, $50,000

Donald E. Luck and Doris L. Luck to Ryan Zachry and Ekaterina Zachry, property at 1963 Jenkins Road, Upton, $174,000

Paul Vittitow, executor of estate of Joseph Harold Vittitow, to James Irvin Vittitow Sr., property two miles west of Athertonville, no monetary consideration, FMV $30,000

Lyle Buckles and Barbara Buckles to Barry Dean Buckles, tract on south side of Upton-Oak Hill Road; tract east of Upton; and tract on Talley-Oak Hill Road, no monetary consideration, FMV $136,600

Magnolia Bank Inc. to Tim Robertson and Teresa Robertson, house and lot in Hodgenville, $40,000

Terry Lee Taylor and Regina G. Taylor to Danny Davis, property near St. Jochin Cemetery Spur Road, $86,500

Berry Boone and Andie Boone to David E. Taylor and Connie A. Taylor, property on L&N Turnpike Road, $87,184.87

Parwood Enterprises LLC to Donna Crabtree and Donnie Crabtree, lot 14A and 14B of Woodpark Subdivision, $25,000

Chris McGeehee to David Hutchens and Ginny Hanawalt, tract 27 containing 1.736 acres of Joe Edd Johnson farm division, $10,000

Donald G. West to Michelle P, West, quitclaim deed, tract at 4234 Youngers Creek Road, $1; FCV $90,000

Opal Jean Lewis to David Perkins Trust Agreement, property at 70 Phillips Court, Hodgenville, $57,200

Tony Underwood to Lucas Underwood, property at 875 Hall-Gaddie Road, Buffalo, $95,100.26

Heritage Properties LLC to George Durham, property on Keith Road, $20,000

Joseph R. Cox and Deborah J. Cox to Timmy Hatcher and Tammy Hatcher, property on Ferrill Hill Road, Buffalo, $127,000

Angela C. Andrews to Fred Quiggins and Elizabeth F. Quiggins, property at 265 Logan Skaggs Road, Hodgenville, $38,000

Fred Quiggins and Elizabeth F. Quiggins to Dustin Painter, property at 265 Logan Skaggs Road, Hodgenville, $38,000

Ruth Wortham to Don Miller and Janice Miller, property at 111 W. Forest Ave. Hodgenville, $40,687.01

Bob Johnson to Bob Johnson, lot containing 9.9999 acres, FMV $220,000

Meredith & Meredith Building and Rental LLC to Mark Greenleaf and Joyce Greenleaf, lot 3 of Skadback Subdivision, $135,000

Circular Inc. to Ryan K. Bradley, property near Athertonville, $3,500

Robert A. Ovesen and Cheryl Nichols Ovesen to Cory Engle and Lindsay Engle, tract 2 containing 96.370 acres of Ovesen Agricultural Division, $90,000

Kristopher M. Dillard and Springfield State Bank by Carl Howell Jr., Master Commissioner, to Springfield State Bank, property at 421 W. Maple Ave., Hodgenville, foreclosure, $23,750

Martha A. Farmer and Robert Earl Allen to Cora E. Allen and Clarence Joseph Allen, property at 128 White City Road, Hodgenville, $60,000

Riverview Farms Inc. to William O. Peterson and Susan M. Peterson and David A. Peterson and Sandra J. Peterson and Bernard L. Peterson and Annette W. Peterson, tract consisting of 156.6 acres on Riverview Farms, $939,600

Lewis Payne AKA Lewis R. Payne and Melissa L. Payne to Jackey R. Stanley and Geri Bland Stanley, storeroom located in the Mary Anderson Theatre Building on west side of Walters Avenue, Hodgenville, $135,000

Betty J. Cooper to Jerald R. Smallwood and Ashley M. Smallwood, two tracts in Akins Subdivision, Hodgenville, 550 Kirkpatrick Ave., $77,000

Jacqueline M. Newcomb to John L. Newcomb Jr., quitclaim deed, property on River Road, no monetary consideration, FMV $23,500

Jacqueline M. Newcomb to John L. Newcomb Jr., quitclaim deed, tracts on Whelan/Spalding Farm, no monetary consideration, $9,533.33

Jacqueline M. Newcomb to John L. Newcomb, quitclaim deed, tracts of Joanne Bray agricultural division, no monetary consideration, FMV $19,017.90

Jacqueline M. Newcomb to John L. Newcomb Jr., quitclaim deed, tracts of The Beatty Tree Farm agricultural division, no monetary consideration, FMV $111,725.77

Jill Perkins Hicks to David Perkins Trust, lots 2 and 3 of Countryview Subdivision, $40,000

David Perkins Trust to Jill Perkins Hicks, parcel of land near Buffalo, $40,000 plus gift from family trust, FMV $108,900

Hodgenville Main Street Renaissance Inc., City of Hodgenville and Lincoln National Bank and by Carl Howell Jr., Master Commissioner to Lincoln National Bank, foreclosure, two tracts on west side of Main Street, Hodgenville, $75,000

William W. Gibson and Vickie Gibson to William W. Gibson and Vickie Gibson, tract of land one mile south of Buffalo, reformation of title, FMV $89,500

Robert F. Aulbach and Edith M. Aulbach to Robert F. Aulbach and Edith M. Aulbach as trustees of the Aulbach Family Trust, one fourth interest in tract of land in LaRue County, no monetary consideration

Ronald E. Holcomb and Elizabeth S. Holcomb to Joseph White Jr., property at 4087 New Jackson Hwy., Hodgenville, $10,000

Sandra R. Brown AKA Sandra Brown to the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National Association FKA The Bank of New York Trust Company, NA as successor to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA as trustee by Carl Howell Jr., master commissioner, foreclosure, property at 2054 L&N Turnpike, Hodgenville, $24,667

Sandra Matthews to John Matthews, quitclaim deed, property in Upton, FMV $10,000

Shaun D. Owens, Tonya Owens, LaRue County, Ky. And Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., assignee of Oakwood Acceptance Corporation LLC by Carl Howell Jr., master commissioner to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., assignee of Oakwood Acceptance Corporation LLC, foreclosure, property at 1053 LG&E Road, Magnolia, $14,500

Erin M. Thompson and Regions Bank DBA Regions Mortgage by Carl Howell Jr., master commissioner, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, its successors and assigns, foreclosure, property at 418 Mill Road, Magnolia, $58,630

Ruby Wirth to Mary Helen Smith, property in Miami Court Subdivision, no monetary consideration, FMV $80,000

Cleo Spratt to the Cleo M. Spratt Revocable Trust, three parcels on the Hodgenville and Sonora Road, no monetary consideration, $800,000

The Aulbach Family Trust by and through Edith M. Aulbach, trustee, and Tim L. Aulbach and Teresa D. Aulbach, and David P. Aulbach and Karen Aulbach, and Billy Hudson and Judy Hudson to Lawrence E. Traxler and/or Martha L. Traxler, property on Jackson Road, New Haven, $27,925.66

Lynda F. Crouch to Andrew F. Vinson, property at 246 Magnolia St., Upton, $16,000

John C. Cissell to Karen B. Cissell, quitclaim deed, two tracts near Lyons Station, $1

Joseph Blair AKA Joseph C. Blair to Michael C. Trew and Sharon D. Trew, two tracts near Tanner Road, $105,000

Mark Harris Construction to Maupin Construction, 10 lots in Bluegrass Estates Subdivision, $100,000

Maupin Construction Inc. to Dean Hornback and Michael Hornback, eight lots in Bluegrass Drive, Hodgenville, $96,000

Maupin Construction Inc. to Charles Maupin, Lot 12B, Bluegrass Estates Subdivision, $10,000

Springfield State Bank to James Baker, property on Maple Avenue, Hodgenville, $23,750

Home Solutions Partners IV REO LLC to Helping Hands Housing, property at 269 E. High St., Upton, quitclaim deed, $8,000

Timothy N. Robertson and Francis A. Robertson to Jimmy D. Spalding II and Linda Spalding, tract 4 of Phelps Family Farm, $95,000­