New Haven man indicted for attempted murder

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Landmark News Service

Joseph “Josey” W. Martin, 28, of Bardstown, has been indicted for attempted murder after police say he attempted to run over Charlie Clark with his vehicle May 27.

New Haven Police Chief Kenny Holbert said Martin drove a mid-sized SUV at Charlie Clark, and Clark ran between a guardrail and a nearby building to miss getting hit near the old Magoo’s Tavern across from the New Haven IGA.

“There was actually never any contact between the vehicle and (Clark),” Holbert said.

He said it was clear that Martin was trying to hit Clark with his car.

“The vehicle made several trips around the building trying to find him,” he said.

Clark hid behind the building waiting for police to arrive.

Holbert said that Clark and Martin knew each other.

“They were acquaintances of unknown proportions,” he said.

Holbert said cases like this one aren’t that common in New Haven.

“It’s not a typical thing,” he said.

In addition to at-tempted murder, Martin was also indicted for first-degree wanton endangerment for driving recklessly with a passenger in the vehicle. The indictment names Alexandria Clark as the passenger, but Holbert said Alexandria Clark was only a witness. He said Martin did have a female passenger in the car, but it wasn’t Alexandria Clark.

Martin also faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and possession of an open container in the vehicle.

The indictment was returned July 3.

Bail is set at $100,000 cash only plus conditions.

Martin’s arraignment is set for Thursday at 1 p.m.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Chip McKay said the investigation is continuing.