NEW HAVEN; Buzzard’s Roost serves as final resting place for some

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By Rebecca Roscoe

One of Lyons Station’s most famous landmarks is visible for a few weeks each winter.

In 1999, Wendy Kennedy constructed a 20-foot-tall, 10-foot-wide cross on the top of a bluff called “Buzzard’s Roost.”


Kennedy said the idea to construct the cross “just popped into his head” one day, as he was thinking about the ways God works within our lives.


The cross would serve as a monument to remind those who passed by of the role God has played in the creation of our world and how he works in each of us.


“It’s a memorial to Him and to each of us,” said Kennedy.


The cross was constructed in only one day and consists of three separate pieces of metal. 


It also has its own generator to power the lights that are wrapped around it, which are used to light the cross at night during the Christmas season. 


“If a bulb is out, I climb the cross to change it,” he said.


The cross is not easy to see during the summer months due to foliage cover from surrounding trees; however, when winter comes the cross is a spectacular addition to the Lyons Station community.


“Rain or snow it still goes up,” said Kennedy.


The cross is not reachable by any road or thoroughfare other than a four-wheel ride up to the top, which can last up to half an hour.


“It’s something to see,” said Kennedy. He added that from the top of Buzzard’s Roost one can see  surrounding towns including Howardstown, Bardstown, Hodgenville, Campbellsville and Lebanon.


Kennedy created the cross to serve as a reminder to locals and passersby of God’s grace, but now the cross is becoming a landmark and final resting place for some.


There is a waiting list for those who would like to have their ashes spread at the base of the cross. So far, three individual’s ashes have been spread at the base of the cross, according to Kennedy.


“It definitely serves its purpose,” Kennedy said.