New Haven board approves sidewalk repairs

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A total of 4,906 square feet covered by plan

By Lydelle Abbott

Landmark News Service

The New Haven Board of Commissioners chose a sidewalk repair plan and awarded a bid for the work. About 4,906 square feet of sidewalk will be repaired by Landmark Development LLC, Bardstown. The job will cost $19,191.50 plus about $300 for gravel.

Sidewalks to be repaired include those along First Street, Maxie Court, East Center, South Main, High Street and the west side of North Main Street.

The alternate option covered less area and was less expensive, but commissioners agreed repairing the sidewalks was a top priority.

“We’ve got a lot of people who walk,” Commissioner Freddy Dewitt said.

Commissioner Jerry Nevitt agreed.

“I feel like if we got the money, the stuff ain’t going to go down in price,” he said.

The work should begin in about two weeks. Residents who live in those areas may have to park on the street while the work is being completed. It should be finished before school starts, Dewitt said.