New Haven asked to lower business license fee

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Fee set at $1,000

By Lydelle Abbott

A Hodgenville man and his wife attended this month's New Haven Board of Commissioners meeting to request a lowering of the business license fee for a tattoo and piercing shop they intend to open in downtown New Haven. The fee is currently $1,000.

Larry Young said lowering the fee would help to make the couple’s business more successful. They said they would like to break the stereotype that sometimes goes along with tattoo parlors. The couple attended the meeting with their two young children and said they are drug-free, have family values and are attending school.

The board did not agree to lower the fee, saying the ordinance that set the fee was passed for a reason.

Commissioner Freddy Dewitt suggested after the business for their first year the owners could bring the issue up again to lower the price for future years.