Many thanks to all the workers who helped during the storm

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Praying for those still waiting for electricity

By Charlotte Isbell

That old saying that opposites attract must really be true.

Through this storm, I kept saying to Dennis, “Isn’t this just beautiful?”

We live in the woods and though it’s dangerous, the ice looks beautiful glistening in the sunlight. He replies with obscenities I can’t repeat in the paper.

We were out of power for five days, but I know we are so blessed. We have a kerosene heater and I felt like we were in tall cotton until the water went out. But even still, we’ve been blessed. There are many who have lost their lives. The men and women out working to restore the power are working in dangerous conditions and we certainly need to remember them. The police, EMTs, the hospitals, fire departments, and all these people are not getting a break through this hardship.

We don’t realize every day when we’re sitting in our comfy homes watching the cable or playing on the Internet how good we have it. Dennis said last night; “you know I can do without the heat if I just had television and the computer.” Now there’s a man with his priorities in order.

There are many private individuals out risking their lives helping neighbors and people they don’t even know. The first day we tried leave our home, there were trees blocking us from both directions on our road. A few hours later, our neighbor, Timmy Nunn had cleared the road.

Thanks to Timmy and the many other unsung heroes just like him out helping people with this crisis just because they care. Hard times bring out the good and the bad in people.

We’re so used to living in the land of plenty, when it’s taken away some people act pretty ugly. I have a tendency to overreact when things happen, but for some reason, I’m taking this pretty good. I’ve thanked God every day for the blessings we have and how fortunate we are. My family and friends are well and I’m praying for those that aren’t as fortunate.