Man ordered to make restitution to dog's owner

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By Linda Ireland


Charges against a Lyons Station man accused of beating a puppy with a pipe, shovel and hoe, were pre-trial diverted in LaRue District Court.

William Clay Ford Jr., 49, was charged in August with numerous counts, including five counts of second-degree wanton endangerment, after allegedly injuring a pup that had wandered into his yard.

A white labrador puppy – about 2 months old – ended up with a broken jaw and several teeth knocked out after it entered Ford’s yard.

Witnesses said Ford also shot at the dog and tried to run over it with his car.

The wanton endangerment charges were levied because two women and three children were standing in the yard 100 to 150-feet of where Ford allegedly fired the weapon, according to court records.

One count each of wanton endangerment and cruelty to animals were pre-trial diverted. The other counts were dismissed.

Ford is required to make restitution of $631.94 to the dog’s owner before Dec. 15, according to court records.