Man faces charges after shooting inside home

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Bullet found inside neighbor's house

By Linda Ireland

A Hodgenville man was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital for evaluation Friday after firing shots inside his residence. He faces criminal charges as well.
Clifford Horn, 48, of Kirkpatrick Avenue, called 911 several times that day, beginning before 5 a.m., according to Acting Police Chief Steve Johnson.
In the first call, Horn claimed there were “10 guys behind the house and eight people in front of the house” and they had “killed a bobcat-looking animal.”
Officer Robby Brownfield responded to the call and spoke to Horn, but did not see evidence of the situation Horn had described, Johnson said.
A short time later, Horn called 911 again, this time claiming that people with guns had surrounded his house. One had gotten inside and he had “shot at him,” Johnson said.
Brownfield again responded and found a bullet hole in the ceiling of Horn’s house. The officer obtained a mental inquest warrant and transported Horn to a mental health agency in Elizabethtown. The person who evaluated Horn “said he didn’t meet criteria and sent him back home,” Johnson said.
 “They put it down to sleep deprivation,” Johnson said.
At 1 p.m., Horn again called 911, saying there were two small oriental burglars inside his home, armed with guns. He claimed to have shot at one of the home intruders.
“When I pulled up in front of the house, I could see a bullet hole in the front door. When I announced, ‘police,’ he said, ‘hurry up, they’re hiding under the bed,’” said Johnson.
The bullet had exited through the outside door and lodged in a wooden deck.
Johnson found a shotgun and .22 rifle on a bed. Horn was carrying a .45 Rock Island handgun and wearing a shoulder holster with four magazines (about 60 rounds).
Horn allegedly told Johnson that the “small men” had at one point, locked him out of the house and he used a tomahawk from an outbuilding to regain entrance.
Officers removed the guns and tomahawk from the home and Officer Doug Sherrard transported Horn to Hardin Memorial Hospital for evaluation and blood tests. Hospital staff reportedly found a stash of methamphetamine in a compartmented keychain Horn was carrying. He also had a straight razor in his boot.
Johnson believes Horn had been taking methamphetamine over an extended period and was “tweaking,” a condition that may cause hallucinations.
“I’ve been to classes about methamphetamine,” said Johnson. “It’s hard to distinguish a meth tweak from mental illness.”
Johnson received a call from one of Horn’s neighbors who had found a bullet inside their home the following day. At one point, Horn fired the gun under his bed, Johnson said. The .45 round passed through the wall of Horn’s house, continued about 15-feet and entered the wall of the next-door house. It lost momentum and dropped inside a kitchen cabinet.
“The lady was washing dishes and heard a loud ‘pop,’” Johnson said. “She thought it was the oven, but when she opened a kitchen cabinet, she found a .45 slug.”
Horn faces at least two counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and possession of controlled substance, according to Johnson.
Johnson said the investigation was hampered because the department received a report of shots being fired on Kirkpatrick Avenue. However, when police canvassed the area, neighbors denied hearing anything. Horn also claimed at first that he did not fire a weapon within city limits.