Man dies in mobile home fire

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By Linda Ireland

A Mount Sherman man died Saturday evening in a mobile home fire on Greensburg Road near Mount Sherman.
Terry Sageser, 56, was found in a hallway between a bedroom door and an outside door, according to LaRue County Coroner Todd Skaggs.
Sageser was cooking something in a skillet in the kitchen, Skaggs said. It appeared that a grease fire started and got out of control.
“It got away from him and spread,” he said.
Sageser became disoriented and attempted to “get away from the fire,” retreating to the back of the mobile home.
“He was seeking refuge in the home,” Skaggs said. “He still had his cellphone in his hand.”
“He passed away from smoke inhalation,” he added.
Sageser had lived in the residence about five years, according to Tim Ford, who owns the property. Sageser owned the mobile home and rented the lot from Ford.
Ford, who is a LaRue County constable but was not acting Saturday in that capacity, was notified the home was on fire about 6 p.m. He notified dispatch and he and his son Keaton drove to the property.
“Nobody knew for sure if he was in there,” said Ford. “But it was the time of day he should be home.”
He and other neighbors broke a window in an attempt to reach Sageser but there was too much smoke.
“The right side (of the residence) was completely in flames,” Ford said. “Smoke was just billowing out the window when I got there.”
“It was a bad way to go,” he added.
Buffalo and Magnolia firefighters arrived quickly, Ford said, and also tried to reach Sageser.
The mobile home sustained significant damage.
Ford said Sageser lived alone, except for his three dogs. Two of the pets died in the fire. A third was outside the mobile home when the fire started.
Several chickens kept in a pen behind the trailer were released by neighbors.
A neighbor is caring for the fowl and dog, Ford said.
 “(Sageser) was a good guy,” said Ford. “I talked to him once or twice a month. He kept to himself and didn’t bother anybody.”
“He told me he was a Vietnam veteran,” he added.
Sageser did not drive and some of his neighbors provided transportation for him.
Ford said Sageser had two adult children.


The LaRue County Sheriff’s Department, LaRue County EMS, Kentucky State Police and the State Fire Marshal were also at the scene.

A memorial service is planned for 7 p.m. Thursday, April 11, 2013, at Schoppenhorst, Underwood and Brooks (Preston Highway at Brooks Road) in Shepherdsville.