Mac’s heart is in the right place

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

I usually don’t comment on a lot of things and I enjoy the The LaRue County Herald News. But the article on Mr. (Mac) Trumbo was a bit unfair.

Maybe we should take another look at Mr. Trumbo, the one most of you know. This is a man that would not think twice about stopping to help someone with car trouble, who would not think anything of it to help someone that didn’t have enough to feed their family, who greets people in the store with a great smile and you know that he actually does care. He is a man that hates to see someone sad and tries to make you smile.

His family is also kind. They have went to pick up a lady and her little baby at a Louisville hospital when they didn’t have a ride back home.

So Mr. Mac, I would like to thank you for always trying to do what’s right, trying to help people and not wanting anything in return. Maybe this town would be a better place if we all tried to help like you and not persecute each other.

Kimberly Joyce