Letters to the Editor -August 14, 2013

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Out with good ol’ boy mentality
I have read Steve LaRue’s letter to the editor several times and no matter how many times I read it I continue to be offended by it. What I am getting from this letter is that the City of Hodgenville should go by “The Good Ol’ Boy Mentality.”

Why do people think they should be exempt from city ordinances? It’s OK for other people – but don’t expect me to abide by it?

I know ... who am I to be saying such things ... I don’t have any keys to the city and have never served in any political capacity for the City of Hodgenville, but, I was raised to be honest and to be responsible for myself and my actions and that there are always consequences when you don’t.  

I don’t own a business or run a business but I don’t think there are too many out there today that will put up with me not paying my bills for six months to a year without some consequences coming my way. My creditors don’t care “how long” I have been paying my bills, they just want them paid timely.

As far as Mr. LaRue’s demand that the City Council must review this practice, I would certainly hope that it would be reviewed in an unbiased manner. The City Council is in place to make decisions that will serve all the people of the City of Hodgenville, not just a few.

Robin Sutherland

Not so scenic highway
Each year, thousands of tourists travel between Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park and the Boyhood Home on what is designated as a scenic highway.

If, however, you have traveled U.S. 31-E recently, you will have noticed that the scenery that earned the highway’s name is not very appealing to the eye.

On the sides of the highway, you can see old tires, discarded clothing, many bottles and cans and even dirty diapers. It is an embarrassment to say that this highway has earned its name, American Scenic Highway.

The Lincoln Parkway is often cleaned of its trash by trustees of the jail and is kept looking presentable. On the other hand, U.S. 31-E is not.

Recently, the highway right-of-way was mowed which did nothing more than shred and scatter all the refuse, making the scenic highway even more “scenic.”

Something should be done to remedy this view of our county. Do we really want our visitors to see this view of our scenic highway?

Martha Stephens