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By The Staff

Congratulations for school accomplishment

I recently read of the accomplishments and high achievements of our LaRue County School System. Our high school is ranked 27th out of 201 high schools in the state putting us near the top ten percent. This is great.

I commend Superintendent Sam Sanders and his entire staff for this accomplishment.

Also I appreciate the work of the school board members of our county.

Several teachers received recognition for their outstanding work in their various fields and the students received several awards for their high achievements.

We had several Governor’s Scholars and other student award winners. Even DeeAnne Sanders and our lunchroom program received the Gold Award, the highest award given for high quality, healthful and nutritious food.

Kaye and I no longer have children in the LaRue County School System, however, an outstanding school system makes the entire community a better place in which to live. Keep up the good work.

Jim Bondurant

Thank you to students

I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to all the freshmen in my classes who donated items this holiday season to the Adoption Center of Kentucky. Your generous donations these last 18 weeks provided five truckloads of items to those children, teens, and families who are with foster or adoptive parents this Christmas. These donations will stay in LaRue County or to children and family moved to Hardin County. 

Jamie Hardin

LaRue County High School

Health/Physical Education