LETTER: Vote 'yes' on hunting amendment

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 I am writing this letter to inform my fellow Kentucky hunters and fishermen of the important decision we all have on Nov. 6. As you may already know, there is a question on this year’s ballot concerning our fundamental hunting rights and an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution.

As I understand, hunting in Kentucky is currently considered a privilege. Although hunting runs deep through our heritage as Kentuckians, the right to hunt is not currently guaranteed by our state Constitution. On Nov. 6, voters across Kentucky will have the opportunity to encourage their legislators to change that. The proposed amendment to the Kentucky Constitution would guarantee all Kentuckians the personal right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife, subject to laws and regulations that promote conservation and preserve the future of hunting and fishing, as well as making hunting and fishing the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. By voting YES, Kentuckians can encourage their legislators to amend the Kentucky constitution, making hunting and fishing a fundamental right.

In my opinion, this amendment would protect the legacy of Kentucky hunting and fishing from outside interest groups and special interest lobbyists with alternative agendas. Making hunting and fishing a constitutional right by amending the Kentucky Constitution will guarantee future generations the right to exercise the freedoms that all Kentucky hunters and fishermen currently enjoy. Voting “no” on the proposed amendment will allow the opportunity to remain for outside groups and special interest to decide the future of Kentucky hunting and fishing. 

As a proud Kentuckian, and a proud hunter and fishermen, I urge everyone to encourage their legislators to amend our Constitution by voting “yes” on Nov. 6. Tell our legislators to protect our deep history of hunting and fishing and Kentucky’s status as a “the happy hunting ground” for generations to come. Keep Kentucky’s hunting and fishing rights in the hands of Kentuckians.

Andrew Masterson

New Hope