LETTER: Tuckers are known in Texas

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My distant cousin, Roland Bright, sent me a copy of your Oct. 2 article on the Tucker Cemetery. I found this very interesting. 

I am the president of Silver Creek Heritage Society in Parker County, Texas. We just were granted a historical marker from the state for the story of Moses

Tucker and his pioneering in Texas, along with a surviving house built by his son and my grandfather, Virgil Jasper Tucker.  My dad spoke fondly of a man he called “Uncle Rolley,” who I’m pretty sure was R.O. Tucker buried there at Hodgenville.

If anyone is interested in this branch of the Tuckers here in Texas, I would be happy to communicate with them.

Moses, Aaron and Elijah, sons of Anderson and Nancy Tucker, all settled in this area. Moses went back to Kentucky to fight in the Civil War. 

They all followed in the family's footsteps as community leaders – founding fathers of schools and churches, county commissioners and teachers. I would be interested in learning more about these people and trying to trace the roots even further back, perhaps even back to England, which I believe is where they originated, probably in the south or southwest of the country.

Thank you very much.

Ann Tucker Moody


107 Fox Glen Circle

Irving, Texas 75062