LETTER: There is a school system to run

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I am writing about Superintendent Sam Sanders’ DUI arrest.

I am sure not saying this is good, but we are not perfect people. We are living in sad times. You can do good for years, then one mistake and people want to find a rope.

I have not heard one person say Sam hasn’t done a good job.

Our granddaughter told her grandmother, “I don’t care what they said. Sam has been nice to me.”

Why can’t we be more like this 10-year-old girl?

I like Sam and his wife. They built a nice home in this area. They didn’t wear out the phone to get outside builders. The work was done by me and other local builders.

Sam is smart enough to know you build a town inside out, not bring people in here that don’t pay taxes or permits. It’s going on.

There is a graduation coming up and a school system to run. Let us get over it and get on with business. Sam will pay for his mistake, if not from the courts, it will be from the insurance company. Good luck, Sam.

This is one man’s opinion.

Earl Thomas Riggs