LETTER: Small, small world

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I read with interest in your March 6 paper the article about the Ragland trip to the Holy Land.

Having grown up in the Maxine community, I know the Raglands well.

My wife and I visited Israel in March 2012. At our first lunch stop in the iddle of nowhere northeast of Tel Aviv, I mentioned to one of our tour group that I was originally from Kentucky. A lady from another tour group casually walking by heard the conversation and said, “Oh, really. What part of Kentucky?” 

Of course that sparked interest. I explained that I grew up south of Louisville in the Elizabethtown/Hodgenville area in LaRue County.

The lady asked, “Do you know Howard and Tickle Ragland?” 

My answer, with a laugh, was, “Not really, except for the fact that they lived about three farms from us.”

Small world! I've related this story to Howard and Tickle. The lady is an acquaintance of the Raglands from the Clarkson area. I thought readers might enjoy the story.

Many thanks to Ron Benningfield, one of my high school English teachers, for writing the article. And as always, thanks to The LaRue County Herald News for keeping me in touch with my home county.

John Hornback

McDonough, Georgia