LETTER: Red Hill Cemetery Commission to meet

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Monday, July 9 marks one of only two times a year the Red Hill
Cemetery Commission meets to discuss issues concerning the cemetery.
My concerns are:
1. Resurfacing/repairing the current driveway due to the general condition
of the pavement.
2. Widening and or providing pull-off areas where possible. This would
allow people to move over to the side of the road while paying
respect, allowing others to pass by easily. This would prevent driving
over the graves of the deceased.
3. The backside road parallel to 31-E is crumbling, dropping down
approximately 4-inches and in time will slide down the hill.
Anyone who has an interest or concern related to Red Hill Cemetery may wish
to attend this meeting. Again, the commission only meets twice a year for
30 minutes, 6:30 to 7 p.m.
Also, anyone wishing to speak must call City Hall a week to a week and a
half prior to the meeting to signup so as to be put on the agenda.
Diane Skaggs Osborne