LETTER: Message from Passport CEO

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It is a new day at Passport Health Plan. As CEO now for 48 days, and as Interim CEO for 260 days, I can assure you, things have changed. It has been a tough nine months for our associates, advocates, providers and members who make up the Passport family. As with any family experiencing a crisis however, we have pulled together to make things better. Please give me this opportunity to bring you up to date.

First the good news. We have a new home and a renewed commitment to our mission. We are now located in Southern Louisville, very close to our friends in Bullitt county at Commerce Crossings. We have a beautiful two-floor space much more suited to our call center needs and located close to many of our members. We made this move because it is more cost efficient and the office space is better suited for the type of work we do every day on behalf of the 170,000 members we serve.

We have also created a new Louisville-based company. Prior to July 1, the Passport associates were a part of Philadelphia based AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan. We evaluated this previous business model and realized that we needed to change things. We now have a new leadership team in place and 220 associates dedicated to one company and one mission, Passport Health Plan. We have aligned our goals consistent with one company.

Finally and most importantly, we have changed our board make up to be more reflective of the communities we serve. Previously the Board was made up of representatives from the sponsor organizations. With the September Board meeting we will seat a board that is reflective of the communities we serve in terms of community representation as well as racial and gender diversity.

Looking back over the past six months I can say that it has been difficult yet very rewarding. Passport Health Plan has been a model for Medicaid Health Care delivery for over 13 years. Members are thriving with better health outcomes, providers are better off in terms of reimbursement and provider recognition programs, members have high satisfaction rates, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky is better served by virtue of the programs offered in the Passport model.

I am proud to serve as the CEO for this community based, provider-sponsored, accountable care organization. We have a bright future ahead.

Mark B. Carter

Chief Executive Officer