LETTER: Many volunteers make the Lincoln Days parade great

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Large parades have a tendency to require considerable planning, coordination, and numerous volunteer contributions. This year's Lincoln Days parade was no different. I wanted to take a moment to thank those who were instrumental in producing it.

William “Will” Aubrey and Jason Lamb are marshals extraordinaire. Any parade would be fortunate to have their talents. Brience Willian labored tirelessly in the dark and the cold and was there whenever needed. In addition, I am truly grateful for the volunteer assistance received from Patsy Thomas, Paula Setters, Michelle Hutcherson, Alton Creason and family, Delayna Setters, David Smith, Don Baney, Ginger Booker, T.J. Purcell, Donald Sprowls, Betsy Perkins, Monie Hughes, Dean Henderson, Jamie Burton, Kathy Barnhill, Rob Barnhill, Glen Rice, Cale Tharp, Wade Fathergill, and Ray Despain. We also had outstanding volunteer law enforcement support in the staging area from Constable Ira Bloyd Jr., Chief Deputy Russell McCoy, Deputy Eric Williamson, Kentucky State Trooper Kevin Willis, and Constable Jeff Metcalf.

Throughout the year, I have enjoyed consistent support, advice and collaboration from the City of Hodgenville – especially Mayor Terry Cruse, Madonna Hornback, Police Chief Steve Johnson, Sgt. Marcus Jackson, and Fire Chief Wally Sparks – for which I am most grateful. The Hodgenville and LaRue County fire departments were available for whatever was needed or asked.

A parade would not be a parade without an audience or participants. However, there are a few individuals and groups who volunteer vehicles and support whenever asked to whom we are truly indebted: Jeffrey Hughes, William Puyear Jr., Earl Riggs, Debbie Cruse, and Jim Bob Wright have no idea how much work and stress they alleviate.

Finally, I want to thank my unsung hero, Iris LaRue. Year-in and year-out, she is a well-spring of encouragement, advice, and counsel. Iris, you have no idea how much your support means to me.

Philip Setters

Lincoln Days Parade Chairman