LETTER: Learn about industrial hemp

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 A public forum about industrial hemp will be held 2 p.m. June 16 at the Marion County Agriculture Center.

Is it true that Daniel Boone was wearing hemp underwear under his buckskin clothes?

Is it true that the first Model A Ford had 40 percent hemp on it body frame? And it ran on industrial hemp gas?

Is it true that you can make over 100 items from hemp?

Is it really true that we are importing industrial hemp from 33 countries?

Is it really true that diesel fuel, clothes, makeup and feed for all manner of livestock is made from industrial hemp?

They tell me that industrial hemp will heat with or as good as coal. There is a gallon bucket full of things that you can make with industrial hemp.

If you have these questions then come to the Marion County Extension Office building next to the fairgrounds and harness racing track.

Don't dress up. Just wear your blue jean and T-shirts.

The presentation will be by State Sen. Joey Pendleton, State Rep. Terry Mills and other members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

So if you're like me and want an answer to those questions then come to the meeting on June 16.

If you need directions, call Ron Perry at (270) 692-2944 or (270) 699-6806, John G. Mattingly, County Judge/Executive (270) 692-3451, Marion County Extension (270)692-2421, or Terry Mills at (270) 692-8491.

Ron Perry