LETTER: Consider Gatewood in upcoming election

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Gatewood Galbraith.

Regardless of the fact that he keeps placing a strong second in numerous polls and even first in a few of them, he seems limited to one sentence just mentioning his name at the end of campaign articles.

They fear anyone that really does want to change things or wants to give the power back to the people such as Gatewood does.

Any chance of breaking away from the nation splitting two-party system immediately gets swept aside for fear of shaking up the status quo.

I strongly urge everyone to remember you are an individual when you step into that booth with an independent mind and thoughts. Put that to use and vote based on conscience instead of showing loyalty to any one side of the system that is crippling this nation.

That doesn’t mean do not vote for anyone with a party affiliation, it simply means vote for the one you truly feel will do something for you regardless of their affiliation.

Please check out www.gatewood.com/site/, this man truly loves Kentucky. He refuses contributions from special interest groups or corporations and wants to do what’s right. And he wants us, the citizens, to be the ones to tell him how to do that once elected.

Bill Yoder