LETTER: Bring Wi-Fi to Lincoln Square

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Bringing Wi-Fi: Would the people of Hodgenville benefit?

Today it seems that everyone is asking the question, "Could bringing Wi-Fi to the square of Hodgenville benefit the city?"

In my opinion, it would. My name is Anne McCubbin and I'm an 8th grader who is part of the LaRue County Middle School Community Problem Solving Team. We've decided that bringing Wi-Fi to the square would benefit Hodgenville in two ways:  tourism and giving our local community members more reasons to frequent the downtown area.

We feel that Hodgenville – and LaRue County in general – would be more attractive to tourists by making information more accessible and easier to access. Many people come to Hodgenville now just to see the statue of Lincoln. With Wi-Fi, after they've seen the statue and taken a picture or two, the tourists could sit down, and presuming they have a laptop or a cell phone with Internet access (as an ever-increasing number of people today do) could immediately look up hotels and restaurants in the area.

What a difference that would make.  Rather than spending time at home before the trip researching for hotels and restaurants (and probably forgetting where those are by the time our guests got to Hodgenville), the tourists could look at the businesses in Hodgenville while they're in Hodgenville, not halfway across the state and having no idea where a certain address in Hodgenville is. Then, their memories of Hodgenville will be good and the same group of tourists might come back to Hodgenville a second time a few years later. If that group of tourists tell their friends and neighbors how great they thought Hodgenville was, then other tourists will come, and the cycle will repeat.

Furthermore, Hodgenville's downtown businesses would have more opportunities to serve community members as people in the community go downtown to access Wi-Fi.   There will be more people around the square, and not just tourists.

As many people know, LaRue County High School has recently started a laptop program. The laptops have become the student's new notebooks. The school has Wi-Fi, but what if some of the students don't have Wi-Fi at their homes? If the square had free Wi-Fi, the students could go to the square, and instantly, they could work on their homework right there, rather than hurrying to school the next day and attempting to finish typing up an 800-word paper with five minutes to do it. But while they're doing this, maybe their friends will be doing their homework at the same time. When they've all finished, the students decide to eat somewhere near the square. If something like this happened every day, then the businesses would get many more customers, and Hodgenville's economy would boom, in a good way.

Anne McCubbin

LCMS Community Problem Solving Team