LETTER: Attacks on church are disheartening

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 Attacks on the church

It is disheartening to read and listen to all the hateful and disparaging things being said about the church these past few weeks. It’s expected from the secular world but perhaps the more heartbreaking comments are those of my own brothers and sisters in the faith who have long ago excommunicated themselves from her teachings.

I have never understood how anyone who considers themselves a Christian could rationalize abortion or abortifacient drugs.

People who think this way either believe in no God or a very detached one indeed. Jesus revealed to us that the very hairs of our heads are numbered and that a sparrow doesn’t fall from the sky without it being noted in heaven.

Now in these modern times we have seen a new and more terrible “slaughter of the innocents.” The church also has been betrayed by some of her own members, as Christ himself was.

As the church now endures her own passion, we can join those who would accuse, curse and spit upon the mystical body of Christ or we can live up to our calling and be Veronica.

Mike Lanham