LCMS minutes, Nov. 15, 2011

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LaRue County Middle School
SBDM Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2011
1. Welcome: Mr. Bright welcomed everyone to the meeting and especially welcomed
Mrs. Denise Skaggs and Mr. Michael Kral. Those members present were Mr. Bob
Bright (principal), Mr. Eddie Paden (teacher), Mr. Joe Reed (teacher), Mrs. Angie
White (Teacher), Mrs. Denise Skaggs (Instructional Supervisor, LC Board of
Education), Mrs. Trudy Gardner (parent), Mrs. Karlotta Cecil (parent), Mr. Michael
Kral (KEA).
Call to order: Mr. Bright called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm in the MS Library. Mr.
Bright welcomed Rachelle Walsh as the new secretary for the council.
2. Opening Business:
a) Approval of Agenda: Mr. Paden asked to add a section under Budget “Budget
Policy” Mr. Paden made a motion to add “Budget Policy” to the Budget item, second
by Mr. Joe Reed. All in favor. Motion to approve the amended change to the agenda
was made by Mrs. Trudy Garder, second by Mrs. Karlotta Cecil. All in favor.
b) Approval of October minutes: Mr. Eddie Paden made a motion to approve the
October minutes as written, second by Mr. Joe Reed. All in favor.
c) Celebration
• Mr. Bright spoke about our LC Band of Hawks stating that they won State AA
Championship. Congratulations to both band directors and students. Some of our
middle schoolers were part of the Marching Band so we are very proud of their
• Explore Scores were very good.
• Academic Team: We are very proud to say that the Knowledge Masters are moving to
the second round. Good luck to them.
• Our work on the MS gym is partially completed with the varnishing of the floors.
3. Academic/Student achievement:
a) Explore Data report was given to our members. Numbers have ALL went up.
Composite 16.4, Science 17.2, Reading 15.5, Math 16.8 & English 15.7. These
numbers reflect 166 students.
b) Explore Parent Meeting: Mrs. Skaggs shared with us that there will be an Explore
Parent Meeting in December. Parent will receive the results of their studentʼs test,
the test booklet and we will go over the test with them. The Parent Meeting is set for
December 8 from 5:30 - 6 pm in the MS Cafeteria. This will serve to educate them
on the results and answer questions. Mrs. Skaggs shared that they did a similar
meeting at the begging of the year to explain to parents about the Explore Test. She
states that they presented a power point and explained their preparations of the
Explore Test.
4. Committees: Mr. Bright said that the committees are working and on its way.
Note: Mrs. Phyllis Caulk is the chairperson for the “Community Parent
Involvement Committee”. We still need a chairperson for the Culture and Climate
Committee. Unfortunately, the “Culture and Climate” committee met already
without a chairperson. We need to work on setting policies for each committee.
Charge for committees 1) Review of policies of their committees. 2) 3 goals to
work on as we move forward. 3) Committees need to meet each month and send
their minutes of the meeting to Mr. Bright, chairperson of the SBDM, so he can
report to council. Every month we have elected one committee to be present at
the SBDM to share about about their progress. Decemberʼs meeting will be the
Culture and Climate Committee to present. Januaryʼs meeting, we will invite the
Curriculum and Assessment committee. February we will welcome the Parent
Involvement and PD and March will be the Budget Committee. Mr. Paden
recognized Mr. Kral concerning instructional times at this time. Mr. Kral shared
with us that the School Board decides when the beginning and ending of school
times are and that itʼs the only thing they decide as far as instructional time. For all
the rest of the Instructional Time, it is decided by the SBDM. Any planning, duties,
should be decided by the council.
5. Program review: Mr. Bright recognized Mrs. Denise Skaggs at this time. Mrs.
Skaggs told us that they have been working on putting together a “Program and
Review Committee”. They are hoping to have it completed by December to
present to the Council. For the next semester, they are planning to present again
in April.
6. RTI Seminar: This is going good and working well. We have a few glitches with
the data system but we are working through them. Seminar changes are going
7. Academic Intervention Programs: Karen and Vickie are in full force to help
focus and meeting the needs of our very struggling students.
8. PLC Updates: The PLC get together on Fridays. They have recently looked at
data in connection with early release. They are looking into the impact of the early
9. Curriculum/Instruction: Mr. Paden stated that they are working on On Demand
right now and they are doing well. Scores are better than expected. They recently
presented to the School Board the results of the State Scores.
10. Budget: Mr. Reed asked if the budget report and the minus could be given to the
council ahead of time for perusal. Mr. Bright will verify with Kathy about obtaining
them from her and when the are available. Mr. Paden asked a question about the
“Budget Policy”: “What is our responsibility as a council?”. He referred to Sec.
KRS160.345 which states: “The school council shall determine which textbooks,
instructional materials, and student support services shall be provided in the
school”. He also asked to look at our District policy. He referred to a highlighted
area that states: “The council shall determine, within available resources, the
instructional resources, travel, equipment, and student support services to be
provided in the school”. Another part that was highlighted was: “ In schools where
SBDM has been implemented, the school council shall determine the expenditures
of funds allocated to the school”. Mr. Paden also contacted Ronda Hammon on
this subject and gave the council members a copy of her email. Mr. Paden stated
that “If we want to micro manage the money, we can”. Mr. Paden asked about the
line “Principal office” in the minus report. Also, see minutes of the September
meeting on Sec. 7, the amount of $2775.00 was tabled. Mr. Paden is questioning
the Instructional Expenditures. He refers to this by showing the council an email
that stated that we could of cancel a conference for teachers if we wanted to but
that the council was not made aware of this. We could of cancelled that
conference by a certain date. Mr. Paden says that maybe this conference wasnʼt
needed and that with those expenses, including sub, transportation etc... we could
of saved that money. Mr. Paden showed the council a copy of a Budget Policy that
he has drawn up and read through it with the council. He then made this motion:
To suspend the rules to vote on the proposed policy change for the budget policy
after reading the new policy amendments. Second by Mrs. Angie White. Mr.
Bright advised the council that we are moving on legal waters that is already being
looked at by KASC. Mr. Paden recognized Mr. Kral at this time. Mr. Kral talked
about State Laws on budgets. Not all members were comfortable with proceeding
with this. Mr. Bright recognized Mrs. Skaggs at this time and asked her opinion on
this matter. She suggested to not suspend the rules. She suggest to offer the
Budget Policy to the budget committee first and a special meeting could be called
to further discuss this and at that point it would be your second reading. Mr.
Paden withdrew his motion, second by Mrs. Angie White. This was to be the first
reading about the budget policy. The council will send the budget policy to the
budget committee and the council suggest that they involve the district level for
assistance at looking over things. Mr. Paden made a motion to submit a copy of
the Budget Policy to the Budget Committee and also included that this was the first
reading of it, second by Mrs. Angie White. Those in favor were, Mrs. Angie White,
Mr. Eddie Paden, Mrs. Trudy Gardner & Mr. Joe Reed. Abstention was Mrs.
Karlotta Cecil and not in favor was Mr. Bob Bright.
11. Agenda item for December meeting: “Culture and Climate Committee” to attend
December meeting and present their update. All committees need to meet before
December SBDM Meeting and sent their minutes to Mr. Bright before hand.
12. Adjourn: Meeting was adjourn @ 5:50 pm. Motion to adjourn was made by Mr.
Eddie Paden, second by Mrs. Trudy Gardner. All in favor.