LaRue's EMS director retires

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Pat Helm's 27 years of service formally ends

By Ron Benningfield

Pat Helm, LaRue County director of emergency medical services, is retiring effective May 31.

Tommy Turner, county judge-executive, said he has had discussions with a possible interim director to take over for Helm, who is retiring with 27 years' service.

"The person with whom I met is mulling over whether to take the interim job and will get back to me on it, but regardless, this person is someone that would not be seeking the position on a permanent basis," Turner said during Tuesday's meeting of LaRue Fiscal Court. 

Helm was not only a director, but also a paramedic with the local EMS.

After discussing four options for restructuring following this staffing change, Turner referred the matter to magistrates W.L. Miller and Bryan Durham to consider and report back to the court. Turner estimated two to three months before getting another person in place.

"We're not taking applications yet, for we don't even know what the position will be," he said.

Details about options for restructuring the job and other matters from the Fiscal Court meeting will appear in the June 3 print edition of The LaRue County Herald News.