LaRue gamblers spent, won millions in lottery

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State reports record commissions paid to retailers

By The Staff

LaRue County gamblers won more than $1.2 million in prizes from the Kentucky Lottery this fiscal year, a report released last week by the agency showed. 

Revenue in LaRue County, from scratch-off tickets and other Kentucky Lottery products totaled $1,885,921, the report showed, while pay outs here topped $1,227,981.

The Kentucky Lottery has paid more than $3 billion to the Commonwealth since it began in April 1989.  Money generated from the lottery has funded more than 120,000 college grants and scholarships.

More than $10.9 million from lottery dividends have gone to the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Reserve Fund. Kentucky’s “Read To Achieve” program and the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development received a total of $3 million, with a total of $30 million going to these programs since inception.

Retailers who sell lottery tickets received a record $50.2 million in commissions and incentives for the 2009 fiscal year, the agency said.