LaRue County Schools K-12 Student Attendance Policy

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By The Staff

The LaRue County Public School District expects all students to attend school regularly and be in the assigned classroom on time. Regular attendance is necessary if students are to receive maximum benefit from the instructional program. We firmly believe that attendance is a student and parent/guardian responsibility.  However, every effort will be made to contact the parents of students having attendance-related problems.

KRS 159.010 Section 1 states that the parent or guardian is responsible for keeping his/her child in regular school attendance for the full term that school is in session. KRS 159.150 states that any child who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three or more days, or tardy on three or more days is a truant. Any child reported as a truant two or more times is a habitual truant. Truants shall be reported to the Principal and then to the Director of Pupil Personnel, who shall take appropriate action. Also, amended KRS 159.990 holds a public school student who has attained the age of 18, but who has not reached his or her 21st birthday, accountable if the student fails to comply with school truancy laws. This student can be fined $100 for a first offense and up to $250 for a second offense.

In view of KRS 159.010 and KRS 159.150 requirements, the LaRue County Board of Education has adopted the following attendance policy for all students in grades K-12 with the intent to improve student attendance, reduce potential dropouts, and encourage more effective communication between the home and the school.



a. If a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian shall call the school and send a note which states the reasons for absences. Notes should be sent to the principal’s office for recording and filing. 

Information furnished by the parent/guardian is used to determine if the absence is excused or unexcused. Unused “Parent days”(see below) will automatically be used to excuse an absence/tardy when notes are not turned in.  Letters will be mailed to families when the five “Parent Days” have been depleted.

b. Legitimate reasons for excused absences:

•Illness of the student (with doctor’s note)

•Severe illness or death in the student’s immediate family

•Medical or dental appointments (Medical excuses are needed from these offices covering the date the pupil was seen as well as date when they may return to school)

•Orders of the court (written note from the County Clerk’s office required if attending court) 

•Religious holidays and practices

•Special activities or circumstances (if approved in advance) by the principal or his/her designee

•Five (only) Parent Days, when a parent/guardian note may be used to excuse an absence/tardy. Example could be where a pupil may be ill but not ill enough to go to the doctor’s office or having a flat tire on the way to bring pupil to school causing a tardy. One parent day can be used to excuse two tardies. 

•When a student has accumulated eight absences (excused and unexcused) remaining parent days will not be accepted according to Board Policy and physician statements are required at that time. All other absences will be considered unexcused absences.

•Driver’s permit test and driver’s test, (for only the appropriate amount of time/maximum of two times/written document required)

•Approved school activities (including two college days for seniors) 

•Documented Military Leave

•One day prior to departure of parent/guardian called to active military duty

•One day upon the return of parent/guardian from active military duty      

c. All students are required to make up work missed within a stated amount of time with arrangements made with the teacher. Students having unexcused absences shall not receive credit for make up work.

d. After a total of three days of unexcused absences, tardies or early dismissals in one year, a student, parent/guardian, and administrator conference shall be held to discuss causes and remedies for absences.  

e.  After a total of six days of unexcused absences, tardies, or early dismissals in one year for a student under 16 years of age, the Director of Pupil Personnel or designee shall deliver a final notice to the family in accordance with KRS 159.180.

f. After a total of seven days of unexcused absences, tardies or early dismissals in one year for a student under 16 years of age, the Director of Pupil Personnel may sign a petition with Juvenile Court charging the child with habitual truancy, which is a violation of KRS 159.010 to 159.170 and sign a petition in Adult District Court for those students over 18 years of age and still enrolled in school.

g. All days missed due to suspension are unexcused.

h. The Director of Pupil Personnel may file with the court system earlier than the sixth unexcused absence/tardy if the pupil’s previous year’s attendance classified them as truants.

Note: Parents may keep their children home from school or take them out of school for reasons that they deem necessary – but that does not mean the absences will be excused. Only the school can excuse a student’s absence.


a. Tardy – A student who is not in his/her assigned classroom when the tardy bell rings is recorded tardy; Also, a student who checks in late, leaves early, or misses any part of the day (60 minutes or less) is considered tardy. The tardy will be considered unexcused unless for the reasons listed in Section b of this attendance policy.

b. Full Day – Students must be in attendance at least 86 percent of the school day to receive full-day credit.

c. Late Bus – Students arriving to school late as a result of a late bus will not be counted as tardy.